Setting Up Tor Hidden Services


We need to connect a couple of Ubuntu machines that are located behind a NAT network. We are connecting the machines to Tor network and enable an SSH server to enable connection.  We are setting the Tor connection to accommodate the SSH service as a hidden service. Only those who have the onion address and security cookie can connect to the Tor hidden service.

We make the adjustments to both machines for the SSH tunnel to work. Machine one is called ubuntu-red , with a user account called blueuser and machine number two is called ubuntu-red and the user is called reduser.

Step 1

First we install tor using the ubuntu repo.

sudo pt-get install tor

We download and install the Tor browser from the web site.

Step 2

To enable hidden service we have to edit the settings file of tor. In our Ubuntu system the file is /etc/tor/torrc. We uncomment the following lines to enable hidden services. We are enabling port 22 SSH connection port.

DataDirectory /var/lib/tor

ControlPort 9051
CookieAuthentication 1

HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/other_hidden_service/
HiddenServicePort 22
HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient stealth labclient

Step 3

After the file editing we are restarting

Link 1

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